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Fruit and vegetables wholesale in Vignola

Services and Products

Collection, storage, sorting and packaging of potatoes, onions and pears

Quality is at the core of our production cycle, from early storage to products delivery. The sorting of potatoes and onions is carried out both through a production line, which allows to perform different processes according to customer needs, and through the work of specialized staff. As for pears, Leonesi Srl has equipped itself with a new automatic calibration system that reduces the handling of the product to a minimum, protecting and preventing it from dents and damages. Besides, to ensure the freshness of the products, the packaging process takes place at the exact moment of selling. Leonesi Srl also offers a wide availability of packaging and sizes, even custom-made if requested.

Pears, onions and potatoes

Leonesi’s choice of quality

Williams and Abate Fétel pears

Diameter: 55-85 mm


  • Leonesi carton (30×50)
  • Leonesi plateaux
  • Leonesi wooden box of about kg 9
  • Leonesi wooden box of about kg 13
  • Leonesi wooden box of about kg 18

Red skin and white flesh potatoes

Diameter: 40-45+ mm


  • Leonesi Vertbag (1,5kg, 2kg, 2,5kg)
  • Mesh net bag (5-10kg; +10kg on request)
  • Carton (30×50)
  • Leonesi wooden box of about kg 13 (30×50, 30×40)
  • Plastic box (30×50, 30×40)

Golden, white
and red onions

Diameter: 50-80+ mm


  • Verbag (700g, 800g, 1kg)
  • White bag (5kg, 10kg)
  • Red bag (5kg, 10kg)
  • Yellow bag (5kg, 10kg)
  • Plastic box (30×40, 30×50)

Potatoes and onions – Selenella trademark

100% Made in Italy

Naturally enriched
with selenium potatoes

Diameter: 40/70 mm


  • Selenella vertbag (1,5kg, 2kg, 2,5kg)

New onion variety
enriched with selenium

Diameter: 50-80+ mm

Imballaggio disponibile

  • Selenella vertbag (750g, 800g, 1kg)

Our activities

Fruit and vegetables wholesale

Processing for third parties

Warehouse and cold storage

Leonesi SRL

Fruit and vegetables wholesale in Vignola (Modena, Italy)

Since the ’60s, Leonesi Srl has been dealing with wholesale trade of Italian fruit and vegetables, working and marketing pears, onions and potatoes.

Leonesi Srl guarantees a working process that preserves the integrity of the goods, starting from the collection of the products, carried out directly by the producers or through intermediaries, to the storage in cold stores up to the processing and packaging activities.

The company also deals with import/export, thus providing not only the Italian market but also the European markets, in particular in Germany, France, Spain, Holland and Eastern Europe.

Our values

How a family history became a quality Brand

Leonesi Srl’s history has started in ‘60s, when Luigi Leonesi and his father Dante founded a fruit and vegetables warehouse in Montese, a small town near Modena, in Northern Italy. After two decades, they wanted to improve their products’ transport conditions and chose to expand by opening a new warehouse in Vignola, a bigger nearby town, during the ‘80s.

Since then, the Leonesi family’s incessant search for innovation has continued, by investing in new machinery and by adapting the processing line to the changing needs of fruit and vegetable products for sale. As a result, in 1990 Leonesi, along with a group of producers and retailers, founded the Consorzio per la patata tipica di Bologna (a consortium to safeguard the PDO potatoes from Bologna), that later turned into today’s Consorzio Patata Italiana di Qualità (“Italian Potato Quality Consortium”), which has the exclusive rights to sell the famous Selenella products. The consortium wants to highlight the heritage of this territory, that since XIX century it has been known for the quality and excellence of its potatoes’ cultivation.

We guarantee a detail-oriented job

of a family ready to fully satisfy its clients

Handmade processes and technological innovations

to safeguard products’ integrity and freshness

A strong brand, well established

on Italian national market

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